Run for charity wants to help you find a charity to run for. Search for cancer charities, disability charities, children's charities, animal charities, military charities, overseas aid charities and many more. They all need your help! Finding your charity might be easy but make sure you know about all of the different charity places that you can run in. Are you a golden bond runner or perhaps an own place runner. You decide!

Choosing a Charity

Fundraising for charity is a fantastic and rewarding thing to do. There are literally thousands of charities to choose from, all supporting very different causes, all deserving your support. The number of charities to choose from can be overwhelming, so we have put together a brief guide to make it easier for you to decide which charity to support.

choosing a charity


Own Place Runners

The own place runner term has appeared in the last few years to distinguish between a place that has been obtained directly from the race organiser and a place that is held by a charity. In other words, if you enter the Great North Run on the race website and receive a place you are an own place runner but if you contact a charity and they allocate you one of their places you are a guaranteed, charity or golden bond runner.



Golden Bond Places

What is a golden bond? Many of the larger charity running events that you can enter will have a specific time period or total participant number which when passed or reached means that the race is closed. Golden bond places or guaranteed entries are places held by charities which are available after the race has closed to the general public.



What does running for Charity mean?

Every single year a new batch of eager people pick up their running shoes and start out on a journey of self-preservation and combine it with the selfless act of raising money for charity. So what is charity running all about?



How do charities support the charity runner?

If you have decided to dust off your trainers and hit the road (not only to get fit but also to raise money for a good cause), the first thing you need to know is that you are not alone! Millions of people, around the world, are attempting to do the same thing and all charities appreciate your help so much they will do their best to aid you in every way they can. Here are 5 of the main ways charities will support you.


What is a Charity Run?

It is a running event designed with the purpose of raising money in the name of charity. You are potentially putting yourself at risk, attempting to achieve the unachievable or in some cases doing something that you love while helping those less fortunate than yourself in the process.



What is a Charity?

A Charity is a non profit organisation dedicated to raising money for a designated cause. With over 160,000 registered charities in the UK alone, how much do we really know about charities? what is required of them? how they are run? and what are the different types? We've decided to give you a bit more of an insight into charities. 

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