Everyone needs inspiration when trying to achieve a fundraising target. Here are our top 100 fundraising ideas that you can fit into your everyday life. It’s time to discover all of those skills you didn’t realise you possessed. Become a TV games show host, a chef, a party organiser and do it all in the name of charity!


Top 5 fundraising ideas from the experts freeimage-5225494
1.       Match Giving
2.       Gift Aid
3.       Text Giving
4.       Easy Fundraising
5.       Give as you earn
shopping Top 5 fundraising ideas for shopaholics
1.       Shopping bag filling
2.       Shopping bag carrying
3.       Birthday and Christmas card sales
4.       Charity Flyers
5.       Charity stickers & collection tins
Top 5 fundraising ideas for the adrenalin junky adrenalinjunky
1.       Sponsored bungee jump
2.       Sponsored skydive
3.       Sponsored abseil
4.       Sponsored white water rafting
5.       Sponsored paintballing
butterfly Top 5 fundraising ideas for the social butterfly 
1.       Tea and coffee Mornings
2.       Charity lunch or dinner
3.       Charity Pub golf
4.       Swishing
5.       Slave Auctions
Top 5 Fundraising ideas for the techie chess
1.       Facebook
2.       EBay
3.       Online Giving
4.       Twitter
5.       Pinterest
entertainer Top 5 Fundraising ideas for the entertainer
1.       Karaoke Nights
2.       Talent contests
3.       Speed Dating
4.       Pub Quiz
5.       Stand up
Top 5 fundraising ideas for the workaholic workaholic
1.       Dress down day
2.       Fancy dress day
3.       Get the boss on side
4.       Monthly donations
5.       Lunch or breakfast collection
freeimage-19133845 Top 5 fundraising ideas for the sports enthusiast
1.       Sponsored golf challenge
2.       Sponsored Team activities
3.       Run or cycle to and from work
4.       Sponsored individual challenges
5.       10 pin bowling for charity
Top 5 fundraising ideas for the fitness fanatic fitness
1.       Cycling & running races at the gym
2.       Sponsored weight loss
3.       Sponsored training
4.       Fitness sessions for charity
5.       Lunch time healthy food delivery
car Top 5 fundraising ideas for the car enthusiast 
1.       Car boot sales
2.       Car cleaning services
3.       Taxi service
4.       F1 charity game
5.       Give a car
Top 5 fundraising ideas for the animal lover animal
1.       Dog walking for charity
2.       Dog or cat sitting for charity
3.       Animal washing and grooming
4.       Animal training for charity
5.       Animal racing
school Top 5 fundraising ideas at school
1.       Sponsored no school uniform day
2.       Wear a colour to school day
3.       Variety shows
4.       Children’s sponsored challenges
5.       School Disco
Top 5 fundraising ideas for the over indulgent beerandpizza
1.       Give up alcohol
2.       Give up smoking
3.       Give up your favourite hobby
4.       Give up your voice
5.       Give up food
parent Top 5 fundraising ideas for parents
1.       Guess the babies weight
2.       Organise a child and parent activity day
3.       Baby sit your friends children
4.       Guess the baby photo competition
5.       Coffee morning with babysitting help
Top 5 fundraising ideas for musicians artist1
1.       Mini music festival
2.       Sponsored busk
3.       Sponsored music practice
4.       Battle of the bands
5.       Jam nights
specialoccas Top 5 fundraising ideas for special occasion
1.       Carol singing
2.       Easter egg hunt
3.       Bonfire night party
4.       Valentine’s day singles party
5.       Pancake day sale
Top 5 fundraising ideas for the homebody homebody
1.       Cake bake
2.       Recycling for charity
3.       Host themed parties
4.       Cheese and Wine nights
5.       Sell flowers from your garden
creative Top 5 Fundraising ideas for the creative mind
1.       Come dine with me for charity
2.       Sponsored betting
3.       Man v Food
4.       Break a world record
5.       Make something and sell it for charity
Top 5 fundraising ideas for the hairy  hairy
1.       Shave your hair 
2.       Dye your hair
3.       Grow bizarre facial hair
4.       Wax your chest
5.       Remove all of your body hair
competiitor Top 5 fundraising ideas for Mr/Mrs Competitive
1.       Raffles
2.       Guessing games- coins in the jar
3.       Pub Olympics
4.       Treasure Hunts
5.       Computer games evenings


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