Becoming a fundraiser takes a great deal of time and effort but Run for charity is by far the best fundraising website on the net, we will make sure we are with you every step of the way. Here is our how to fundraise section, why not get the local media to help you fundraise or learn about choosing, planning and hosting fundraising events of your own. 

Beginners Guide to Fundraising for your Charity

Great news, you have decided to take on that big challenge for charity! The only problem is that you have just discovered that fundraising is not quite as easy as you thought. Coming up with the right fundraising ideas for your charity can seem like a real minefield, there are so many ways that you can start but the question everyone always asks is, where do I start?beginnersguidetofundraising


Fundraising the Distance

All charities will ask you to fundraise a certain amount of money for them if you decide to run using a charity place. The principle is quite simple, the more difficult the challenge the more they will be asking you to fundraise! Sounds like it’s the wrong way around but your friends, family and supporters will sponsor you higher amounts for more difficult tasks. Here is the rough guide to the distances and the amount you will have to fundraise.

fundraising the distance


Top 5 Tips for Raising Money Offline

It may seem like all fundraising ideas require you to be sat at your computer, Facebook fundraising, twitter fundraising Instagram fundraising you name it. If you still like to live a little in the past, here are our top 5 ways to raise money offline.


Fundraising as a Team

Fundraising for charity as a team is a great way to boost your motivation, as well as the total amount of money you raise. The saying 'A great team is more than the sum of its parts' is certainly true here. You and your teammates can collaborate all your ideas and contacts to maximise your fundraising potential.

fundraise as a team


Charity Giving Sites

There are a number of online donation websites and it’s important you do a little bit of research before deciding on which one to use. The amount of money you raise for your charity can drastically vary depending on which site you use to promote your events and manage your fundraising target. We have a site by site guide which will help you make up your mind and save you time as you learn how to fundraise.


Think like your charity

Every good fundraiser will tell you that one of the best ways to appeal to supporters is to appeal to their hearts so make sure you communicate your charities message clearly. Think about the type of charity you are supporting and then pick challenges that potential donors can relate to.

think like your charity


Fundraising – Use the media

One of the best ways to get support if you have taken up a fundraising challenge is to contact the local media. Radio stations and local newspapers are a fantastic way to drum up that extra support you might need. Therefore, if there is a budding reporter or journalist locked away inside of you, its time to release them!

fundraising - use the media


How to Plan a Charity Fundraising Event

So you are trying to meet a fundraising target and you are shrugging your shoulders every time you are asked how you are going to raise the money. The answer to hitting your target is to arrange a fundraising event of your own. Your friends and family, work colleagues and pretty much anyone you have a relationship with of any sort will be happy to part with their money if they are touched by a heart felt appeal, entertained by your terrible attempt to sing or you put yourself through a traumatic experience in the name of charity!



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