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Derry or Londenderry is the host to the self named waterside half marathon. This is a two loop race which gives you a real buzz as you navigate your way through Irelands' fourth largest city. This race has real potential as charity running event so let's hope the organisers start encouraging more charities to take part. With its small field size, the race already raises a good amount for local charities.

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About the Race

As you warm up for the race, you get the feeling of being at an old style city race with a field size of just over 1000 people. The locals and runners are all very friendly but there is definitely a competitive nature to a number of the runners alongside you. It is good to see the occasional runner in fancy dress braving this Irish city race in the name of charity. As the race starts, the club runners really leave the rest of the field quite quickly, which is to be expected, but a good number remains still huddled together. The route takes you past the Derry Rugby Club and on to Temple Road through a number of other twists and turns before you arrive back at the Gransha Grounds where the race started. The support on the route is very small to nonexistent but this is to be expected from a race of this size. The finish has a nice feel to it and there is a good number of spectators, friends and family to cheer everyone over the line.


This half marathon is not the most challenging course out here but it’s still a half marathon so make sure you go for at least £750 and £1000 if you are making a big trip. Try an Irish theme night at your local pub, it’s easy to organise and can be a great fundraiser. Check out the run for charity fundraising A to Z for some great ideas to help you reach your target.

Support on race day

There is little support to speak of at this time but the race is still very small ,so this is to be expected.


This is a good fast ½ marathon course so the training plan will be perfect for this race.

Quality of race organisers

The race is well organised, marshalled etc but it is very much a race for the club runners at the moment, so do not expect to much as a charity fun runner. All the information provided is very good and the race organisers are very helpful before the race.

Run for charity event rating – 2 ½ out of 5 stars

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